People everywhere these days are talking about “the end of our democracy.” The idea comes from people of many differing ideologies, left or right, established or new, and many clear examples can be pointed to by all sides. Some have been saying it for years. But what is the threat to our democracy?

Who is to blame for our diminishing civil rights and power to control our government? The liberals, the conservatives, the president, the previous president, the Congress, the courts, the corporations, the terrorists, the U.N., the media, the Federal reserve, big banks, and money in politics?

With so many problems, it is important to focus on the root cause, where concentrated efforts can give rise to tangible, door-opening results. I contend that the first step for everyone, whether liberal, conservative, concerned about civil rights, war, abortion, immigration, gun control or any issue, lies in our electoral system.

The “first past the post plurality” system that nearly every election in the USA follows does not allow for minority representation, even with results of 49% and 50%. It can also lead to pluralities smaller than the majority, with winners below 50% of the vote. The two party duopoly creates large parties attempting to include everyone. It leads to the mindset that every issue has two sides and two sides only, with your party being right and the other party being wrong.

Most politicians and media outlets reaffirms this mindset constantly. Our House and Senate are in constant gridlock, with non-stop filibustering forcing 60 Senate votes for nearly everything.

The average voter in America has no control over any aspect of his government. Increasing numbers of voters are disenfranchised, marginalized, ignored, or silenced. Many are simply stripped of their right to vote through targeted registration purges or unjust laws.

The two massive Duopoly Parties become massive, corruptible, and broad in their rhetoric but minimal in their differences. Around the nation, most voters view their opposition party as tyrannical and evil, while their chosen party is simply “the lesser of two evils.” They do not vote for a third party, even one closer to their political ideology, because it is viewed as a wasted vote. That is not democracy.

Right now, both Duopoly Parties are engaged in voter registration fraud, registering and unregistering voters strategically based on ethnicity, education, income, and voter preference.

At worst, it’s a completely corrupt and orchestrated dog and pony show, draining the citizens of their freedom and money. At best, it’s simply one of the most inefficient, inept, unrepresentative and unresponsive forms of government in the modern world. Either way, it’s got to go.

Only through a more proportional, open, multi-party system of elections can voters of all ideologies regain their constitutional right to a responsible, representative government.