Step 1: Spread the Word and Make your Commitment.

Spread the word on facebook, twitter, forums, blogs, news sights, protesting, word of mouth: It’s time to end the two party system! Electoral reform is the first step to saving our democracy, and lead to a more productive, responsible, and representative government. Forget the politics to save our democracy! Dig it, like it, +1 it, reddit it, repost this link on forums and blogs for liberals, conservatives, free-thinkers, closed-minded people, conspiracy theorists, soccer-moms, hipster-punks, or any other media outlet you can find, get the conversation started.

Sign this petition at stating you will only vote for House and Senate candidates that will support democratic electoral reform.

Step 2: Discuss, Mobilize, and Form a Consensus on Reform Candidates

Start talking, in civic groups or protests, with your friends and neighbors, with strangers and everyone, about the advantages electoral reform will have.


The Coalition for Electoral Reform member groups will mobilize within themselves and between groups, and seek cooperation and coordination to facilitate the spread of information, raising and spending money, and help voter registration. The Coalition will come to a democratic consensus on candidates to run in various districts and Senate seats.


Step 3: Vote and Keep them accountable

Vote for the Coalition in November! Because different states have different rules, and regional democratic consensus will be used to determine who is running, your candidate may be Independent, a newly-formed “Coalition Party”, an existing 3rd party, or a Write-In candidate.


Elected Coalition members will have the first priority of pushing for electoral reform, and should return to their constituents to get a consensus on all other issues. Keep them accountable and get the rest of the government under control!


Step 4: Vote your conscious!

As soon as a consensus on electoral reform can be reached, a new election could be called where every voter can voice their democratic stance, and vote for a party that represents their interests, knowing that their vote will matter.