The goal of the Electoral Reform Coalition is obviously reform, but how?

Many propositions have been made, and it must be clear that none are already picked as the ‘best’. Experts, representatives, and voters will come together to help shape the future of our representation.


The most important goal is greater vote value, and multi-party representation. There are many other electoral voting systems, as well as other representative systems, that allow this. It is not necessary, as some believe, that the USA change to a parliamentary system, or any other system in place by another country. The system here in the USA should be the best for the USA.


Instant Run-off Voting and Choice Voting keep the electoral system largely the same, and simply allow voters to cast the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc choices in a vote. Then an algorithm (of which there are different choices) eliminates the least supported candidates and determines the most favored choice. This allows elections to still be focused on the individual candidates.


Proportional Representation simply counts the number of votes for different parties in a given area (local, state, or national) then allocates the total representatives amongst the parties based on their votes. A minimum threshold is set, keeping very small parties out while allowing representation of parties that can gain enough support (3%, 5%, 10% etc)


These are not the only options, there are more ways to improve our democracy! Find out more at