The most important appeal I can make is to focus on the political system, not on the political issues. The Duopoly Parties and media use hot-button issues to divide and foster debate, but due to the root cause of our failing democracy never being addressed, these issues never truly get addressed either. If everyone votes to end the two-party system this election, then everyone can vote for their true convictions next election.


I make my appeals here:


To all activist groups and reform coalitions I have mentioned: Make electoral reform in 2012 the most important priority. We can come together, and focus first on raising awareness and forming a voting bloc coalition to gain seats in the House and Senate and threaten the status quo. Harness the power of the growing political discontent by focusing it squarely on our unrepresentative electoral system.


To all open minded politicians of the Democratic or Republican parties. Support our coalition for electoral reform in government. Bring up the conversation, support open-reform legislation, or truly show your support by leaving the established major parties and running independently or in a minority party.

To the third parties, the Libertarian Party, Reform Party, Green Party, Constitution Party, and all parties of underrepresented Americans, support a coalition to share the dream of proper representation. This movement cannot succeed without the established third parties, and all parties and voters of any ideologies will benefit equally.


To all Occupy groups, Tea Party groups , and other protesters for democracy: This is the first step, and we must put aside disagreements on all other issues of civil rights, health care, economics, etc, and most importantly the issue of who is to blame. Do not blame one of the parties. Do not blame some US citizens or voters, or the views that they hold. Don’t even blame the banking elite, because they never asked for your vote. The two party system is to blame for our inability to peacefully and democratically solve our problems. We need the power that activist groups bring to the ground, to bypass the media with local, door to door campaigning and civic problem solving.


To Anonymous and more extreme activist elements: This is your fight too, but the goal here is peaceful revolution. Just like other activists, the Anonymous have individual and collective desires that are changing as the group changes. Nobody can speak for Anonymous, but any Anonymous member can help spread the word in the fight against the tyrannical two party Duopoly.


To the concerned citizen, whether worried about a particular issue or agenda, or simply fed up with the failed representation of two parties, you can help! Click the “Join and Help” tab – Call your representatives and tell them you demand electoral reform and responsible democracy. Spread the word through social networking and old-fashioned open dialogue. Help local candidates, or even become one, and further the cause of representative democracy. Sign petitions to add your name to the voice of underrepresented Americans.


To Progressive or Conservative News\Blog Sites: Help! Spread the word! Don’t worry about the issues right now, don’t worry about the left\right, liberal\conservative. If we work together for better representation and governance, you can vote for a party that is closer to your ideologies, or regain control of your current party. You can bring democracy back to the people, all people, your people and their people. And that is fair for everybody, left, right, up and down.